10 Tips for Successfully Beating an Escape Room

So, you’ve got your Escape Room experience booked, the date is set, and you know what you’re expecting – great. The next thing to consider however is your approach to actually beating the Escape Room with your mates, have you got an escape plan? Even if you’ve trawled the internet to find out how to beat an escape Room the likelihood is the theme for your experience is entirely different. Fortunately, we’ve put together a list of ten traits you can take into every escape room, regardless of their theme and location to help you ensure a successful game.

1. Get yourselves organised

You might think this one goes without saying, but teams not organising themselves often leads to a failure to escape. When there’s a room that has several items, you need to make use of, organising your team to keep tabs on which items have been used and communicating this will be key. Why let the clock keep ticking using a key that’s unlocked a padlock already?

2. Communication is key

Before you begin a room you’ll have an event organiser (in most cases), and in the first instance you may be given some radios to communicate with each other. Listen to how to use them and make use of them! If you’re given an aid like this and you go and communicate in your own method, there’s a good chance you will fail. Even more so if you don’t listen to how they work!

3. If you can help it, stay away from alcohol!

This one may be hard to take on for hen and stag dos, which we totally get! For other events (such as corporate events) it’s going to be much more beneficial if you arrive and stay sober, as this could see logical thinking being impossible.

4. Often you’ll be on camera

You might not find this one as helpful as the others in terms of being successful, but it’s certainly worth remembering. Some escape rooms will have hidden cameras, meaning organisers can see your every move. People get up to strange things when they think they have their privacy, but do bear in mind in some scenarios that organisers can see your every move – so keep your clothes on!

5. Keep the questions flowing

You may think you’re a genius and don’t want to admit you don’t need help. If that’s you there’s a strong chance of failure, so bear in mind that asking that question you think is stupid could completely turn your success chances around.

6. Your organiser – heed their words

As mentioned in point 2 your organiser may seem to want to make things challenging, but deep down they’d prefer you to succeed. Listen to their every word as it could just be what helps you beat an escape room.

7. Your kids can be super helpful! (if they’re with you)

If you’ve taken the kids with you it may be hard to admit they can work something out, and perhaps you don’t want to ask them for their help. The truth is children have some amazing ideas and different perspectives that adults don’t own, so make use of their skills!

8. Retain your cool

When things aren’t going our way, we naturally get frustrated and possibly upset. To ensure real success with an escape room, try and keep your feelings and expressions buried where possible as this can have a detrimental impact on the rest of your team.

9. Keep it simple

It’s normal for us to over complicate things more than they need to be, and often looking at escape room puzzles with a clear and different perspective will show that we’re looking too much into the puzzle. In other words, look at what the object is, and whether it is in fact more intelligent than it seems and you might find the answer is much simpler than you’d thought.

10. Padlocks and combinations

Finally, when looking at a puzzle with padlocks or combinations where you’ve discovered say 5 out of 6 digits most of us will keep working around the unearth that final digit. Would it not be easier to flick through the digits until the number clicks?

Mind blowing stuff!