4 reasons your next family holiday should include an escape room

Let’s face it, going away on holiday is great but finding an activity that appeals to the entire family is no easy task. It could even take the entire holiday to agree on something to do which can be frustrating. The adults want to lounge by the pool while the children want to head to the beach, fortunately, though escape rooms are an ideal family holiday activity. No matter how old your family is there are escape room locations all over that cater to any age range. Every escape room is fun, interactive and will offer an experience that the entire family will remember for years to come, not only that, the family will have no choice but to get along to solve the puzzle!

Choose an experience to turn your time away from a holiday into an exciting adventure.

Read on to find out all the reasons your next holiday should have an escape room experience booked in for your family.

An entirely new experience

whether you’ve been to an escape room before or this is your first time, you will be completely immersed from the moment the activity begins. You could be escaping from a movie, tracking down a valuable set of artwork, or trying to get out of prison, every escape room has a unique theme that’ll make you forget you’re even on holiday!

Unless you specifically choose a horror-themed room you will never see anything scare you by jumping out unexpectedly, so there are no worries there in the children being frightened or feeling unsafe. Your group will instead face a series of exciting challenges to complete in an environment that’s friendly for all of the family.

Build your team

If your family wants to be successful in escaping, they will need to work together. Forget about any arguments or disagreements and simply enjoy working as a team to solve puzzles as you identify clues. Mobile phones are a no-go here so you can enjoy a solid hour having some real fun and quality family time.

Feel like you never left your holiday

Taking part in an escape experience is like its own little holiday, once you arrive at your escape location you will feel as though you’re already in another destination. You and your family will be in a whole new world of solving puzzles, moving objects and finding clues, and regardless of whether your escape is successful, you can be sure that fun will be had all round.

What an achievement!

As soon as you enter the activity the family will be brought together if just one person tries to solve all the puzzles things just won’t progress. Getting everyone involved will see your chances of escaping increase significantly. Once you do escape, you will feel a sense of achievement, which is certainly worth celebrating as a family that’ll be a talking point for years to come.