5 reasons escape rooms are getting so much attention

The likelihood is if you’re here then you have almost certainly have heard of an escape room. Have your mates been saying how awesome they are and that you need to try one? They’re not lying, they are fantastic, but why are they growing in popularity so much? This is what we believe.

Puzzle-solving gives a great sense of achievement

Much like finishing a video game or completing a TV series, we all love the feeling of getting something done, regardless of what that might be. Every time you hear a lock click, or the door open in an escape room you will get the benefit of an accomplished feeling. You will instantly become addicted once those codes starting cracking and your team starts cheering almost right away!

Show em what you’re made of!

If you have ever seen a TV show and thought you could do a much better job of solving the puzzles others struggle with, then this is an awesome opportunity to show those skills. You’ll not only use these skills to solve riddles, but you will also have the benefit of your team gasping at your intellect!

Escape from the real world

We all love our ME time, whether that’s playing a game or reading a book. Escape rooms are perfect for switching off from the outside world, with mobile phones being a no-go, and with the varied themes available you’ll be completely immersed in the experience.

It’s all about YOU!

If you’re a bit of a movie buff and wished for one day you could have taken the lead role in a James Bond film, then an escape room could be one step closer to that becoming a reality. Okay, you have a team with you of course, but you can still take the lead by delegating roles and immerse yourself in the theme of the room.

A closer relationship with friends, family, or anyone!

One of the best attributes an escape room brings is being with someone who you thought you knew inside and out, only to realise that they have some epic skills you didn’t even know they possessed. The main mission in the game is solving the riddles and challenges, and this will turn your team into well-oiled machines to get the job done. Who knew your partner was so good as solving equations? Bet you never saw your best mate taking an object and piecing it together with two others to find a combination? The whole experience brings out something in people that they never even knew existed, and often surprises those that are closest to them, as well as surprising themselves!

Do you have what it takes to escape?