5 reasons to test drive an escape room

It’s no secret that escape rooms have been around for a while now, and although these great experiences are growing in popularity there’s still a lot of us that don’t have a clue what they offer.

Read on to find out the best reasons to test drive an escape room right now.

Escape Rooms aren’t as costly as you believe

Hands up that an escape room experience may not be the cheapest activity around, but you get so much more out of it than other team building activities. Cost-wise it comes down to a price per group, so if you’re going with friends then the price per person split will be a lot lower than you’d realise. Not only that, if you’re a student you will be entitled to a discount for the entire group (usually), in addition to NHS and armed forces concessions.

One size fits all

There’s often doubt in the minds of those looking at booking an escape room for the first time, believing that it only applies to certain ages and group types. Let us relieve that doubt; escape room experiences are for absolutely anyone! Whether you’re booking a hen or stag do, a birthday bash for your children, a night out with friends, or a team-building event with work we’ve got you covered. No matter which category you fall into, you’ll have a dedicated games master on-hand to cater to the needs of your group, no matter what the occasion.

Tick a new experience off your bucket list

As part of being an adult we know how things can sometimes get on top of you, that’s how life goes. Now and again it’s important to have some ME time away from the stresses of life, but a date night at Nandos doesn’t always cut it. Instead, why not try something completely new, while at the same time ticking a new activity off your lifelong list of new things to try?

There’s no need to be anxious!

For some strange reason, there’s a non-existent stigma attached to escape rooms, in that anxiety kicks in and you get frightened on your first time. This couldn’t be further from the truth, sure some rooms offer a horror theme experience, but most rooms will offer something more fun for all the family to enjoy. If being shut in a room scares you then there’s no need to worry there either, just inform the organizer before you book and they’ll almost certainly accommodate by leaving the door open or slightly open to immerse you in the experience. If you decide you don’t like it once you’re inside, you can simply leave and wait outside if you feel the need – don’t worry!

Fitting the experience into a busy life

As adults, we all have a tendency to get majorly busy, but the great things about escape rooms are they aren’t limited to weekdays or weekends and are usually open all days of the week. Times are usually pretty flexible too so you can fit the activity in with a morning or evening visit with ease.