5 ways an Escape Room can help you this summer

As far as British weather goes, us Brits endure a mysterious bout of ups and downs. One minute it’s beaming sunshine, and the next it’s raining cats and dogs. Fortunately, though we’re now bang in the middle of summer, and the weather is looking up. When the hot days shine bright your first thoughts might draw towards a game of tennis or sitting in the garden, but an Escape Room is almost always an activity you’ll play indoors. Although on a first look it may not seem it, an Escape Room is perfect even on a hot summer’s day.

If that sounds strange then it’s time to keep reading…

Get all your mates joining in

You might be able to play an Escape room with a minimum of two people in some cases, but escape rooms usually require a bigger group to enjoy. Summer is the perfect time to get a group together, everyone wants to be doing something rather than sitting inside on a sunny day. people choose escape rooms for a variety of reasons, from office dos, birthday parties to hen or stag dos. Get the gang together and have a great adventure.

Sun cream is not required!

If you’re someone who catches the sun and easily gets burnt, you’ll go through plenty of sun cream on a summer’s day. Why not dodge the sunburn and visit an air-conditioned escape room to solve a series of puzzles in a themed environment?

Wakey wakey!

Sitting in the sun and catching some rays won’t challenge your brain in any shape or form. An Escape Room will wake up your brain by testing your skills to crack a code or figure out an exciting riddle. You’ll never sit by the pool and get asked to work out a combination or find a golden key to crack a safe! Give your brain a workout rather than let it relax all of the time on a hot day!

Breakaway from exams

Whether you’re in school, college, or university, at this point you’ll get to enjoy a much-needed break from exams. It’s also important to engage your mind prior to heading back for the following academic term, so get a group together and you might just make it into an escape room hall of fame! A lot of escape rooms also offer students a discount during the summer periods, so it’s good news all round.

Six weeks of time off can get boring

We’re in a time where six weeks off can feel like a drag, you’ve broken up from your studies and you’re struggling to fill those time slots. Why not book something exciting that will stay with you for a lifetime, and enjoy bonding with your mates or family. Rooms often cater to people of all ages, so younger audiences are more than welcome to get involved too. Do bear in mind though, Escape Rooms are getting more popular so it’s worth booking in advance to secure your spot!