How Escape Rooms Boost Your Brain

Escape rooms aren’t just a lot of fun – they can also have tangible benefits when it comes to the way that our brains work. In the same way that people do crosswords or play brain training computer games to make sure that they stay sharp, taking part in escape rooms can be a great way to keep your synapses firing on all cylinders.

But what exactly is it about escape rooms that makes them so useful when you’re trying to keep your brain sharp? And what are the benefits of taking part in them? Let’s dive on in and take a look.

 1. They make you think in new ways

Because escape rooms are so different to our day-to-day lives, they force us to think in ways that we wouldn’t normally do. When we expose ourselves to the same stimuli day in, day out, perhaps it’s no surprise that we start to fall into bad habits and end up resorting to lazy thinking. But escape rooms can help us to overcome that monotony and to think in new and exciting ways.

2. They boost your problem-solving abilities

Escape rooms are literally designed to put people’s problem-solving skills to the test, and going to visit them can also make you better at the task as a whole. That’s why they’re often popular destinations for corporate away days – because they can inspire people to be better problem solvers in the workplace.

3. They teach you things

There’s always something new to learn from escape rooms. Some of them are themed, so if you visit a sports-themed escape room then you’ll likely leave knowing more about sports than you did when you went in. And if you get stuck with something, you can bet you’re going to remember what the solution was.

4. They expose you to new experiences

Life isn’t just about the things that we have – it’s about the places we visit, the experiences we enjoy and the memories that we make. New experiences and new memories encourage your brain to stay fresh and perform at its best, and they can also be valuable sources of learning.


Now that you know just a few of the benefits of taking part in escape rooms, now it’s over to you to make it a reality. The good news is that escape rooms have been witnessing a huge upswing in popularity of late, and with escape rooms scattered around the country – and indeed the world – there’s plenty of opportunity to attend one. Good luck!

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