First steps to follow in an escape room

From the moment you enter an escape room experience the clock will start ticking, so wasting time easing into the game is a no-go. You’ll have riddles to solve and challenges to smash through, and if this isn’t your first escape room you may already have an idea of what to tackle first. If on the other hand this is a new territory for you or you simply need some tips and where to begin, then we have a few steps for you to consider to help you get going.

Look for objects EVERYWHERE

If it moves, move it, if you can pick it up, do it! Regardless of whether it’s a painting on the wall or a carpet on the floor, any of these objects that look like decor could well be a part of the game.

Look inside ANYWHERE

if there’s a jacket hanging up in the room, check the pockets, if there’s a chest of drawers get in there, if there’s a handbag in the corner look inside! Are there magazines scattered around? Flick the pages for anything that may appear as relevant. You never know, something might just fall out of the magazine.

Communication is a must

Escape rooms rely on teamwork to be a success, so make sure you and your team are following the same lines. If you go solo looking for items, make sure to keep the rest of the team informed with anything you find, especially if that involves discovering letters or numbers. That way if something matches what your team finds, you can piece it together.

It’s hiding in the wall!

As we mentioned, if you see artwork then it’s worth looking behind it and checking the backside of the object. Let’s suppose you’re in a prison and the wall has scratchings from the departed inmate, this could be a clue that might just be what’s needed to open your next combination lock.

Put everything together

You will inevitably begin building up an array of items that you find, it’s worth placing them all in one space so that you can see which puzzles you have the ability to solve, and which ones are still just objects with no significance.

What exactly needs solving?

Once you have all of the items you have found in one confined space you should be communicating with your team as to where the solved challenges are going to be placed. Say you’ve found a box with a lock on it that requires a three-digit combination, make sure to keep your team updated as to what types of clues the room may be holding for them to locate.