Take the Kids for an Unforgettable Experience During the Summer Holidays

It’s not much longer until all schools across the UK are officially in summer holidays mode, and with that comes the task of knowing where to take them to prevent boredom while spending some quality time as a family. Have you ever considered experiencing an escape room as a family? If not, keep reading.

Adults plus children make awesome teams

The stigma attached to escape rooms is that they are mainly targeted towards adults on corporate events or on a stag or hen do, and the great news is these experiences are for everyone. Escape rooms for families have been created to ensure teams of parents and children can work together to solve the puzzles and be successful in escaping. As adults we think completely different to how our kids mind works, and thanks to this it means success is within your grasp having some different perspective when solving riddles. Various themed rooms will appeal to adults differently to how children see them, and with kids having the ability to immerse their imagination it could be the skill your family needs to beat the activity in record time.

Escape rooms are for the entire family

One of the great things about escape room experiences is the fact that age isn’t a key success factor, and it doesn’t mean your 80-year-old Gran couldn’t have just as much fun as a 12-year-old would – it really is for everyone. Logical thinkers, those with hawk eyes and great communicators all contribute to having some serious fun with escape rooms. Use all these skills while getting your brain in action and you’ll do wonders.

Enjoy an experience whatever the weather

As we all know the weather in the UK can be patchy at the best of times, even if it is right in the middle of summer. Rather than booking an activity that is weather dependant, an escape room will be ready for families to enjoy no matter if it rains or the sun shines.

There are often special summer holiday rates

Organisers of escape rooms know that families will be looking for things to do to keep the kids entertained through half-term, and with that there will often be discounted rates for families that book during this time.