Want Something Unique for Your Hen or Stag Do? Think about Escape Rooms!

Let’s face it, you’re getting wed and the next thing on your mind is what activities you’ll do for your last nights of freedom. Thing is, if you’ve plucked the courage to bend the knee and pop the question then you’ve clearly got confidence under your belt. Meeting your new in-laws was the next big step before you make vows that you promise to commit to for life. At this point it sounds like you need something more challenging before you agree your vows, one last shot at letting your hair down before the big day – what better opportunity to face a unique and interesting experience than your Hen or Stag do?

Traditionally you won’t be organising your own stage or hen do, that’ll be down to your Best Man or Maid of Honour, so if you’re reading this and you’re one of those we may have taken some of the groundwork out for you. It goes without saying that these occasions call for consuming A LOT of alcohol, unless of course you fancy being a little less crazy and opt for a trip to do some London sightseeing.

Either way these options are what most of us believe a hen or stag do should be, but what about an alternative option where you can have a heck of a lot of fun while combining both above two options? For that option, we recommend an Escape Room experience to really show off as the Best man or Maid of Honour to the Bride or Groom to be.

What is an Escape Room experience?

So glad you asked! You, along with your group of Hens and Stags will enter a room that sets a specific theme, the door closes and you’ll have an allotted time to work together in solving several puzzles to make your way out.

The great deal about Escape Rooms for stag and Hen parties is that you’re pretty safe to turn up intoxicated as it’ll add to the fun (although it’s just as fun without any booze). For some, alcohol is a success factor, while others it messes up completely – so you’ll either make your exit by solving the puzzles on time or end up simply curling over with laughter at how you failed!

Puzzles within each Escape Room will differ with some reliant on logic while others are more physical, and most requiring the use of communication through the whole team while having a clear emphasis on beating the time limit set.

What attire is appropriate?

The great aspect of being a Stag or hen is that there’s an unwritten rule, basically stating the other Hens or stags can dress the Bride or Groom as whacky as practically possible. Want to wear a snazzy suit? No problem! If a Mankini is more your thing, that’s fine too!

If you’re not quite at the marriage stage just yet, why not check out our guide on Dating in Escape Rooms? You might just find your puzzle solving match!