Escape Room Alien Abduction

| Company Trapped Escape Rooms | Gloucester


You and your friends are out camping in the woods, singing songs around the camp fire and having fun. When suddenly a UFO appears over head, a bright light appears and you hear a strange noise and then you pass out. You awake in some sort of strange prison. Your memory starts to come back, you realise you have been abducted by aliens…. you need to escape!!


2 - 6

Game duration

60 minutes


9am-1:10pm (Wednesday - Friday) - £60 per room
1pm to 3:45pm (Wednesday - Friday) - £90 per room
3:45pm to 9pm (Wednesday - Friday) - £120 per room
all day Saturday & Sundays - £120 per room
BANK HOLIDAYS all day - £120 ​

Cancellation policy

We can not accept any cancellations, or give any refunds. However you can reschedule the game for another time by giving us at least 7 day's notice.​

Age range

A. Minimum age is 8 years old, Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.


Sorry, we couldn’t find an available slot for this room.