Escape Room Crystal Maze

| Company Cyantist | Southampton


It’s not a classical escape room or the Tv show, you are in a room with plenty of puzzles and logic games, you have 60 minutes to solve them, but I can guarantee, that there are much more puzzles inside, than you can solve in that time. The goal is to solve them and collect Crystals as much as you can. You will need a big variety of skills to prevail in this room. At the end we check how many Crystals you collected, then you can go on the leader board if you were good enough!


2 - 7

Game duration

60 minutes

Open hours

Monday - Sunday: 9:00am - 24:00am


2 people: £40 (£20 per person)
3 people: £54 (£18 per person)
4 people: £68 (£17 per person)
5 people: £80 (£16 per person)
6 people: £90 (£15 per person)
7 people: £100 (£14.28 per person)

Cancellation policy

48 hours

Age range

Under 12 with adults only