Escape Room Espionage

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You are intentionally caught and put in the holding cells of the parliament building. You must first escape captivity by any means necessary. You must gain access to the mission objective, The TOP SECRET XJ7 missile blueprints from inside the maximum security safe. Your mission is to escape from prison…retrieve your weapons…steal the blueprints…you have 1 hour to do it. to Succeed you will need to act with speed, precision, and have nerves of steel. Good luck in your mission agents.



2 - 6

Game duration

60 minutes

Open hours

Bookings available from Midday until late


From £15 each depending on group size

Cancellation policy

You cannot reserve a slot without payment, a minimum 50% deposit is required to secure a booking. No refunds will be given.

Age range

Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult


Sorry, we couldn’t find an available slot for this room.