Escape Room Haunted Pirate Ship

| Company Cliffhanger Rooms | Newby Bridge


You are the crew aboard Blackbeard’s ship, haunted by the late captain’s ghost, who cannot rest until his debt has been paid. Treasure on board has been pillaged and plundered from enemy ships, but only a certain kind of treasure will help you and your crew. Before Blackbeard’s untimely death, 8 gold coins were stashed around the ship, the locations were never revealed but a series of puzzles and codes were left behind to ensure that only the most cunning of pirates could succeed. Find the Pieces Of Eight to pay off the Gods of the Sea, finally lay the ghost to rest and ultimately buy your freedom. Should you fail, your fate is sealed, and you and your crew will be forever lost to the watery depths! Time is running out, so climb aboard and prove yourselves worthy of being the most fearless pirates around!


2 - 6

Game duration

60 minutes

Open hours

10am - 8:30pm


2 Players: £25 PER PERSON (£50 in total)
3 Players: £22 PER PERSON (£66 in total)
4 Players: £20 PER PERSON (£80 in total)
5 Players: £18 PER PERSON (£90 in total)
6 Players: £16 PER PERSON (£96 in total)

Cancellation policy

Once a booking is made, no refunds or date/time amendments can be made if within 48 hours of your booking. However you can change your number of players at anytime.


Sorry, we couldn’t find an available slot for this room.

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