Escape Room Pan's Problem

| Company Rustic Riddles | Norfolk


The trolls are back. They still have their nasty habit of hiding under bridges and the carefree caprines of Hockwold Hollow can’t cross to pastures new without taking their lives in their cloven hooves.
Word of the goat attacks reached Pan (half-goat God and no relation to Peter) who wasted no time gathering the 5 mystical ingredients for a troll repelling potion. Unfortunately for the Hockwold Hollow goat herd, Pan became distracted by local wood nymphs and lost the mystical ingredients “somewhere around here”. ​ The trolls have found them and hidden them.
​Your mission is to find all five mystical ingredients and make the potion before the trolls come back.


2 - 13

Game duration

Approx 1 hour

Open hours

10am - 7pm


£12.50 per person: Teams of 2-6
£5: Under 10s
Under 5s free


Sorry, we couldn’t find an available slot for this room.