Escape Room Rameseize

| Company Cryptology | Nottingham


After years of planning and excavations the tomb of the nefarious Rameses has finally been unearthed. But this is no tomb full of traps; it is a peerless conundrum full of strange machinations. If you could manage to extract the three ancient relics rumoured to rest here, you would become part of history, but you are not the only ones on the trail…
Your foreheads are drenched and the air is taut with fear. There is not much time for you to act before the unscruplious treasure hunters cross the desert and bury you alive just to claim the glory for themselves. Will you lay your hands upon the relics of the past? And will you even be able to escape before the glocks are pointed to your heads? Your hourglass is running low…


2 - 7

Game duration

60 minutes

Open hours

9:45 - 20:00


Between £25 - £16 pp depending on group size.

Cancellation policy

A full refund with one weeks’ notice of cancellation and a 50% refund with 48 hours’ notice.

Age range

All under 16 year olds must be accompanied by an adult.