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A long time ago (the 80’s) in a town not too far away (Brighton), the Bewilder Box initiative was born. It was the brain child of Dr Benjamin Wilder Sr, a brilliant and compassionate man whose ultimate goal was to create a disaster recovery plan for the human race. What would happen if we faced a global catastrophe such as a meteor strike or an alien invasion? How would we recover and who would lead mankind to salvation? You and your team are new recruits, tasked with completing the Bewilder Box assessment and locating the missing Dr Wilder Sr. Do you have what it takes to answer this unfathomable challenge with a hearty laugh and a self-assured thumbs up? Can you complete the various tasks, challenges and brain tickling puzzles before the time limit expires? Will you uncover the secret of Dr Wilder Sr’s mysterious disappearance back in 1989? You have 60 minutes to find out… Good luck


2 - 7

Game duration

Approx 75 mins

Open hours

12:30 - 21:15


Friday nights, weekends and holidays: £129 per team.
Weekday evenings (after 5pm): £99 per team.
Weekday daytimes (before 5pm): £79 per team.

Cancellation policy

Re-booking an empty slot at short notice is tough! For this reason, like a theatre or concert ticket, we do not offer refunds for cancelled bookings. No shows are also non-refundable.


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