Escape Room Frankenscape

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Scatty professor Alec Smart has gone missing in the midst of a very important experiment.The storm is coming and the lightening is key. You must take his place or forfeit losing his ground breaking research! CAN YOU FINISH WHAT HE STARTED?


2 - 8

Game duration

90 minutes

Open hours

10am - 10pm


2 players £50
3 players £65
4 players £80
5 players £90
6 players £100
7 players £110
8 players £120

Cancellation policy

No refunds.

Age range

10+. Each group must be accompanied by an adult (over 18) – however, in some circumstances we can allow the chaperone to supervise the group from CCTV with our staff. this request needs to be mentioned at time of booking


Sorry, we couldn’t find an available slot for this room.