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Flipping the concept on it’s head, this escape room team building challenge doesn’t have you trying to escape a small room, but instead has you released into the wild. Combining the best bits of both an escape room and a treasure hunt you and your team must use your navigation skills to scout the local area to find challenge checkpoints. At each checkpoint you must complete a challenge in order to get one piece of a final puzzle. Collect all the pieces and head back to base. It is here you have to put together all that you have gathered to get one final code to break into the treasure chest to claim your prize! A great way to take time away from the meeting room and explore your surroundings, nothing is more refreshing after a day behind a screen than to explore the great outdoors. run, walk or jog from one check point to the next to secure the win for your team.


0 - 100

Game duration

60 minutes

Cancellation policy

We unfortunately cannot refund after booking.


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