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If you've got an escape room booked and feel a little anxious about what you can bring to the table, read on. Your mates might have already succeeded in an escape room, you might have failed or maybe it's your first time. No matter what, we've got a list of ways you can wow your team, impressing them so much they'll think you've done this ten times over! Trust us, these are tried and tested.

‘Not to be a smart-ass, but those clocks on the wall come into the game'

It's almost a certainty that objects like clocks on the walls, padlocks and other things that look decorative aren't just part of the furniture. This phrase tells your team that you know what's going on and the aim of the game in the room.

'We're reading into this too much, let's think INSIDE the box

You've already shown your group that you know what you're talking about, and you've suggested they're overcomplicating the puzzle more than it needs to be. You have also just blown their minds by getting them to reverse a well-known phrase!

'There's definitely a connection going on here'

You'll be the star of the show if you smash this one out, regardless of whether you know what the connection is or not. Your team will go silent and take note of every word and genuinely think you know what you're talking about (even if you don't). They might even sing your praises if you're lucky. Just kick back and relax and check your social media feed, you've added your contribution right there, you're finding this task too easy (at least your team thinks so).

'The game organizer could just be leading us on'

Say this and your team will take a few minutes to think about your words, is it the game organizers telling you what you want to hear to complete the puzzle? Not that you’ll ever know!

‘2122! 8764! 2323!'

Literally just splash out some random number sequences and your team will believe that you are grinding your way through this puzzle, with maximum effort along the way. In reality though you're not breaking a sweat at all. They’ll just think your brain power is much more superior to their own, what are you to argue?

'Did we know the answer without even realising?'

Okay, this is where things step up a notch. Watch the faces of each team member as they think deeply about what they've been up to that week and everything from the past hour flashes before their eyes. They may end up on the phone to their loved ones for a chat, so use this one sparingly if you don't mind them drifting off into the distance!Hopefully being armed with all of the above phrases will help you feel a little less anxious about going with your team of so-called geniuses. They'll likely prove more helpful than you'll know, and they're always here for you to use for your entertainment should you need them!